Anti-inauguration day. Despondent and dancing.

Today is a rough day. Right now Obama is leaving the White House and a complete demagogue is entering. I have never experienced such anger, despair, and frustration from so many people over an election before. 

So, Today I am going to dance. I am going to be silly. I am going to give a few strangers some hugs, buttons, stickers, and try to remind them (and myself in the process) that we don't fight hate with hate. It doesn't work like that. Let's get down to the core and have a conversation with respect. I was going to say anger, but that's not accurate. I'm super angry. I'm just not going to disrespect people around me because of it. No matter how inane or derogatory they get. F that noise. Yesterday I did a photo shoot and I'm sharing some of the more silly images in hopes that it brightens your day. 

Let's get vagilant. 

Photo credit Acid Test Photography