Million Women March on Washington - 2017

My protest is no longer political. My protest is humane. 

I say that knowing one cannot not be extricated from the other. But when I think about where I can be effectual, it is with the individual, the intimate human conversations we have. 

Most likely, I will never get a bill passed through congress, but I CAN dress up in a vulva and pass along a message of solidarity. 

Yesterday, along with over 100 other people in my group, I went down to the March in WashingtonDC. It was a powerful day bringing 1 MILLION more people than expected. We walked from RFK stadium in to the capitol and along the way there were children outside selling snacks, women and men posted outside with signs, we felt so supported. 

Hugs abounded, and as the crowds drew in further and further everyone kept being polite and considerate. I've never been to a protest where the protesters were so accommodating. There were a few anti-protest protesters, but much fewer than expected. There was a group of anti-abortionists. Ironically it was a group of ALL MEN. To them I say - if you're against abortion, it's good thing you'll never have to decide if you have to get one. 

The thing that struck me most was how many women had the same message "I want to be able to control what happens in my life" I tried to imagine if the tables were turned. If tons of women were out talking about men's prostate and what men should or shouldn't do with them. Or about viagra, or hair loss. It doesn't happen. Because they aren't our issues. 

The march was magical. Just like a vagina. It birthed a spark of anger and hope in millions and millions of people around the world.... but now I want to know what we will do today. Without the DAILY march, we cannot affect change. I for one will do my part. And what I can do, is walk as a pussy with a sign of love and solidarity, to represent the 51% of the population that walks around each day with one as well. I hope you join me.