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Speakeasy Burlesque - popping my cherry

Last night I had the honor and pleasure to speak at Jersey City's very own burlesque show "Speakeasy Burlesque" hosted by Lillian Bustle. As usual it was a night chock full of funny, sumptuous, and poignant art. 

I went on a stage last night and for the very first time, performed a song I wrote, about a difficult topic, in public. Believe it or not, no one booed me off the stage! It's given me the courage to get real raw and record the song and post it out there for all to see. So you've been warned. 

 I said a little bit about my goal and mission, and wanted to share it with you too. 

"Hello, my name is The Vagilante, and I am a feminism superhero. A pussy for peace, not a piece of pussy! I walk in solidarity with America’s 51% minority - women. Did you know that according to Forbes, women’s spending power is at 78% of all consumption of goods in America? Yet We STILL don’t have equal pay for equal work, and men are STILL passing bills telling us what we should do with our bodies. And apparently now our POTUS is telling us how we should dress. Exactly what defines what a woman dresses like? Smh. 

Speaking of old white men passing bills to try to control America's minorities… who here feels kinda scared and maybe a little powerless right now?? I know I sure do. But Im here to remind you that YOU. ARE POWERFUL. There is something you are passionate about, or concerned about. You have something to say about it and no matter how many other people are saying it, you need to say it too.

As loudly, as often, and courageously, and as eccentrically as possible.

Why eccentric? Well, just look at me. Im up here right now, not because I'm ever going to get a bill passed through congress, or single handedly stop a nomination going through the government, (although at this point apparently nothing will stop a nomination... even facts) but because I took a topic of women’s rights as human rights, and started doing art around it.

I took each demeaning, scary, violent thing thats been done to me BECAUSE I am “woman” and made myself a feminism superhero.

Let me be clear though, my resistance is in acts of joy. I don’t rail against these things with the same tactics that the people I disagree with use, instead I pour love over all of the shit to see if roses will grow. Because thats the only way its going to work, if we come together with care and stop giving the hate that we hate, more energy, I believe something magical will happen.

So I do lots of projects and I hope you get involved with me. On your seats when you came in, you might have found a little heart. Did you open it? Its called my love letters to america project. Come to the back table and check it out. I also have my story of the evolution of the vagilante back there as well. Theres a bunch more stuff I'm doing, but I can tell you about it later if you’re interested.

Right  now I am going to sing you a song I wrote. Its my very first song, and I wrote it recently when I was out with some friends, and a couple in the group, husband and wife - both sexual predators - kept persisting in trying to get me to do stuff with them that I didn’t want. I ended up shutting down and I had to sleep in the bar for a bit just to deal. When I woke up, most of this song was in my head. I felt like a piece of meat. So this song takes on takes on all of the phrases we use to describe women’s body parts as products for consumption, such as meat, or milkshake. I wrote it down and vowed to tell this story and sing this song. This will be the first time I ever do it publicly. So be gentle. "