The Vagilante






a pussy for peace, not a piece of pussy

It all began when Donald Trump said "grab 'em by the pussy, you can do anything...

and so, I did.


I became The Vagilante.

I began my mission to make "resistance irresistible", and I figured what better way than with a little pussy, or in my case, a big one! 

Lets face it, we all need more pussy in our lives., right?!

So I march daily in solidarity with America's 51% minority. I stand for equality and inclusion on all human issues, but intersectional feminism, women's rights as human rights is kinda my thing .

I bring attention to all things "femme" through art and story-telling. I have hosted benefits, sung at burlesque shows, chatted with Princesses, curated art shows.. I even have a documentary done about me! and every day I look to connect with as many people as possible.

We can only rise if we stand up together.


If you want to know more, Please check out my story HERE .



Let's be vagilant together.  

Pussy Power! We've got your message